Just Cheesy the Cheeseball

My name is Cheesy and I'm a literal ball of cream cheese!

I was brought to life through the magic of stop motion, on YouTube. But it wasn't just ordinary content. The "Artist Series," paid tribute to masters like Andy Warhol and Bob Ross.

I revealed another talent - music - with the release of three singles - "Little Bit Cheesy," "Born to Be Cheesy," and the festive hit "It's a Cheesy Christmas".

In 2021, "Just Cheesy: The Podcast!" was born. Co-host Fondue and I talk about cheese history, cheese news, and, of course, tell the cheesiest jokes known to humankind.

So come along and experience the magical world of Just Cheesy.

Don't just take our word for it, Cheesy is awesome!


-Chat GPT